Hi. I'm Aggie.


I love to help companies find and tell their stories to the right people through...


I get to the heart and soul of your company and figure our your brand’s architecture.

Digital Strategy

I work with you to figure out the best way to approach your brand in social media and online.

Creative Strategy

I guide the ideation process through creative briefs and engaging brainstorms.


I make numbers tell a story by sifting through analytics and uncovering actionable insights.

Here's more about me

Over a decade of experience in online and off line marketing.

I am an award-winning brand strategist residing and consulting in the greater NYC area. My client portfolio spans start-ups, nonprofits as well as for profit brands including Target, Starbucks, REI, and ABC, among others.

I am passionate about partnering with companies of all sizes and phase of growth to help them better market themselves. I specialize in digital strategy and figuring out the most effective ways for brands to communicate with their desired target audiences.

I am a self-starter and very collaborative in nature. I would love to help you with you business. Please send an email to set up a time to chat to agatha.asch@gmail.com

among others.



Principal Brand Strategy Consultant
Aggie has over a decade of experience helping brands both big and small. She’s worked at global advertising agencies on both coasts and is known for her collaborative style and go-getter attitude.


Moshe has sat on the meeting room floor of many well known advertising agencies and has been known to woo clients with her profound cuddling capabilities.

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