About Asch Group

Hi! I’m Aggie and I am an award-winning Strategist residing in the greater New York City area.

I have over a decade of experience working with brands both big (Target, Cocoa-Cola, ABC)  and small (home-based businesses, organizations of worship). I pride myself on not only helping existing businesses in their endeavors, but also assisting with personal growth and menoring and coaching individuals.

You can read some of my published works on The Next Web as well as on HabitualMom.com, a lifestyle blog that I co-founded that is focused on inspiring women to embrace their creativity while moming.

If you’re curious about my professional experience, check out my LinkedIn profile as well as features written on me on TrueToMeToo.com and Rutgers University’s Alumni Magazine.

I am highly collaborative and would love to hear more about you and see how I can help. Please email agatha.asch@gmail.com.