HTC Creatography / Partnered with HTC to find individualists and put the M8 smartphone in their hands. Under the banner of #Creatography, we elevated an eclectic group with talents as varied as dance, stop-motion animation, street fashion and garage invention. The global initiative spanned creative strategy, influencer outreach, experience design and execution on a series of documentary shorts shot in 7 cities in 3 countries.

Starbucks The Real PSL / Nothing says fall like the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL). We were called on to activate the debut of the popular beverage earlier than ever before. Launching the official PSL Twitter and Tumblr accounts, we created the character “The Real PSL” and challenged its community to participate in a social scavenger hunt for the opportunity to taste fall early. The response was nothing short of fanatical.

Outshine Raise the Bar / Developed the strategic approach needed to refresh the digital and social presence of Outshine, a Dreyer’s product. Working included reimagining their website, social strategy, display units, partnerships and loyalty program.

P&G Mom Wisdom / P&G, the proud sponsor of moms, asked the world to share the best advice their mother ever gave them using the hashtag #MomsWisdom. To celebrate Mother’s Day and to kick-off their new Pinterest community, the social campaign resulted in thousands of submissions and dozens of quotes were turned in real-time into beautiful typeset posters.

OREO Cooke vs. Creme / OREO’s first-ever Super Bowl campaign drove fans to Instagram. They asked users to tag their photos either #cookiethis or #cremethis. Then, over a 3 day period, and a brand-new Instagram community grown overnight, recreated and sculpted their photo submissions using their favorite part of the OREO.

SONY Intelligence Gathered / In accordance with the James Bond campaign for the blockbuster Skyfall, Sony created a British Intelligence Officer Exam: a series of tests, increasing in difficulty and designed to ascertain the test taker’s cognitive skills, that invited fans to enter the world of MI6 training.

Target Back to College / To refresh their relationship with college students, Target presented 16 scholarships for stuff students actually wanted (like a year’s supply of Ramen or flip-flops). Users picked a scholarship, took a webcam interview in front of a panel of silly judges and were urged to get their friends to vote for their submission.

P&G Best Job / Created to honor the amazing mothers behind Olympic athletes, “Best Job” featured the hard work all moms do to raise their children proving that the hardest job in the world, is the best job in the world. The spot urged viewers to thank their own mother’s via a custom P&G Facebook app.

Target Baby Share the Big News / New year, new babies, new campaign. On New Year’s Day, Target Baby began welcoming new babies into the world with live birth announcements on a 40-foot high refrigerator magnet installation in Los Angeles, dubbed the “Big Baby Billboard.” Users could enter a new baby’s name and birth details via a Target Baby Facebook app to create a keepsake announcement or the Los Angeles billboard.

Target 2-Day Sale / Target’s Black Friday campaign featured comedian Maria Bamford. She showed that the Target 2-Day Sale is not for wimps. It’s for the passionate, dedicated, even the benignly ruthless. It’s for people who—though they smile—aren’t kidding around. Failure is not an option and she proved it through a series of videos and a brand-new @ChristmasChamp Twitter account.

ABC Family Pretty Little Liars / To kick off ABC Family’s premiere of Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family reached out to a handful of bloggers from various communities across the web and asked that they participate in a week-long mobile based game. The game paired communities together in an all-on battle that teamed up participants to solve secrets while keeping their own safe.

Old Spice Swaggerize Me / Old Spice’s Swaggerize Me campaign allowed users to enter personal information in a central hub, which then populated a network of twelve fake websites. Combined with a targeted AdWords buy, users were then able to search for their names on Google and be presented with a litany of outrageous and hilarious results.

Nokia Somebody Else’s Phone / Nokia launched a global campaign following three characters’ lives through their phones. Evolving the storyline across three time zones, through a 24/7 feed of content online for over 6 weeks, Nokia tapped into the voyeuristic ways of the Internet to drive awareness around their new line of phones.

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